Worth a thousand words

Recently, a family member commented on this photo, remarking about how they understood the hubs carrying a gun, but how i just didn’t fit in the picture.  And while I found it funny too, a girly girl like me standing beside the hubby completely decked out in combat gear, I also found it kind of ironic. 
To me, this picture is a perfect representation of our life.
And it reminds me how mysterious our life can be to others. 
When I look at this photo, I don’t see a soldier with a gun. 
 I see my husband.
And my best friend.
The brilliant, goofy, do-anything-to-make-me-laugh man I married five and a half years ago.
 I see the hardworking father of my children leaving on one more “trip”.
I see the past five years all over my face.
  I see the distance between our world and everyone elses’. 
I see the conflict between Army life and normalcy.
And I see two people choosing to smile instead of cry.
It’s very easy to forget that not everyone lives the same life we do.
I’m reminded every time I introduce a new family member to post.
While I would never even blink at a passing tank or stryker,
the sound of cadence or howitzers on a nearby field,
I have to remember that our version of regular everyday life
 is really anything but.
Our normal is not normal.
Our usual is unusual.
And our reality is other people’s nightmares.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
I say that wouldn’t even begin to cover it.
And while to everyone else it’s just another photograph,
to me, it’s one extraordinary moment in my ordinary, everyday life.

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