A Baby Boy Nursery on a Dime

I know that some of you have been asking for these pictures foreva! So I finally remembered to take the camera upstairs and snap a few pictures when little man wasn’t crying/eating/pooping.  Yea, I had like twenty seconds, so forgive the photography. I did the best I could without flash on a very dreary day.
You girls know I’m all about the thrift and I have to say that the nursery is one of my thriftiest  projects yet.  Since baby #2 was a bit of a surprise, we had already given away a great deal of our infant gear, and what we still had, baby girl is still using. So….. I had to get really creative. 
But I am absolutely thrilled with the results.

OK, So I L.O.V.E. his bed.  The crib itself we bought used from my cousin (its from Pottery Barn – score!), the dust ruffle my sweet mom made and the bumpers my sweet great-aunt made! The mobile was Abby’s so I just clipped of the bunnies and sewed on sock monkeys.  The canopy was over our bed about three moves ago and I found it tucked away down in the storage room. The chandelier and the rug came from the Habitat for Humanity Restore- double score!) and the rocking horse and crib aquarium both came from the Ky Kids Consignment Sale!

The little blue chair is another find from the consignment sale, the shelf was in our bathroom three moves ago, same goes for the wall mounted lamp (one of my favorite parts of the room) and the curtains are just fabric that I hung through scarf holders. The tractors belonged to my dad, oh, and that lamp in the window came from Goodwill.

The changing table was Abby’s that the hubby sprayed navy blue, the shelf is another piece that was being stored in our utility room, all of the toys under the changing table either came from Abby’s toy box that she’s outgrown, the consignment sale or the post thrift shop. More tractors and trucks that belonged to my brother and dad, and the little shelf is made up of a bunch of little thrift store finds here and there.

The letters on the wall are another one of my favorite parts of the room. I saw them in Pottery Barn Kids for $4 a letter, so I just traced the alphabet onto scrapbook paper and hung them on jute with little bitty clothes pins! The blue chair and the leather ottoman belonged to my great grandmother who also passed away last year and the table is from an antique store that we repainted.  The chalkboard was a frame with broken glass I found and just painted the inside with chalkboard paint.
The jars under the table came from Goodwill- they’re an old canister set and I just painted the lids and took them out of their holder. Even the afghan on the chair came from a thrift store.  You can barely see it, but there’s a log truck under the table that belonged to my dad.  I love that it sits there, and I love that one day I will explain to Jack who it belonged to.  See that green lamp? It’s the only brand new, full price, purchase I made for the room and it came from Wal-mart. I just loved it though.

The table came from a yard sale- for $3 bucks!!! The chairs came from the post thrift store and hubby spray painted those for me too. The frames are more scratch and dent frames I found, though they looked great to me,so I don’t know what the deal was. And by the way, pics of the little man are going in them as soon as we get them back. The checkerboard was from the thrift shop and the train was a hand me down. I did buy the decals for the wall, but they peel right off so I can take them with us when we move.

So there you have it.
Done on a dime but I don’t think you can tell, do you?

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