{Canning Cakes}

Oh I wish I could say that I came up with this idea, but it’s been around for ages. Rumor has it that army wives were some of the first to can cakes and ship to their loved ones- and after all, we are a clever bunch- but regardless of where it started, its a fantastically fun idea!
I was looking for something different to add to the hubby’s Father’s Day care package besides the four pounds of Starbucks and three hundred pieces of the princess’ artwork, when I remembered seeing this recipe a few months ago. (Her recipe is perfect, so I wont even try to re-create it here)  I dug it out and gave it a shot. It was my first try at ever “canning” anything, and thank goodness it was super easy. They tasted every bit as good as they look, and I’ve already heard from the hubby that they arrived in perfect condition!
I used pint size jars since I suspected that the hubby would keep them for himself and not share.
 I was right, by the way.
We lost a lid in the “canning” process, so the little ones and I had to try one out.
Why does it taste so much better just because its in a jar?? It was fabulous!
I thought I would channel my inner ‘Martha’ and print up cute little labels for the front.
Then I grabbed some scrap fabric and ribbon and gave them all little toppers.
So easy, so cute, so delicious!
We wrapped them up tight in bubble wrap and packing paper and shipped them off to the hubby.
I cant wait to give canning muffins and pies a shot, the possibilities are endless!
Do you have a favorite care package idea? Share it with me!

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