{Hometown Tour- Part 1}


A few months ago, my mom and my aunt decided to take the leap and move their thriving staging and decor business our of their homes and into a storefront in downtown Kingsport, my hometown. I’ve always loved downtown, so I was thrilled to get to spend more time there.  It’s always had a kind of “main street” feel, but lately yummy cafes, sleepy little antique stores, and specialty shops seem to be popping up everywhere. The once bustling train depot now houses the Chamber of Commerce and many of the old department stores-once the center of downtown shopping-  have found new life in renovated lofts and apartments.  A whole new generation is growing up downtown.
Constantly moving and travelling makes me appreciate the americana feel of my hometown more than ever. So over the next few Fridays I’ll being sharing some of my hometown with you, beginning with downtown and giving you a little tour of what a quaint little “back when” community still looks like today.
Open the door and you will be greeted by the smell of Bridgewater Candles burning (my absolute favorite candle!) and two sweetly southern voices inviting you to look around
and make yourself at home.
 -Oh, and would you like a cup of coffee or tea while you browse?
Fran Woods and Myshell Miller have been decorating, re-purposing and making do since way before it was cool. And nestled in downtown Kingsport, their tiny shop is packed full of treasures, a nod to all those years spent thrifting, junking and finding beauty in what others might cast aside. Specializing in re-designed pieces, Sugarbaker’s is known for giving old furniture and decor new life with just a coat of paint.
Would you just look at that fabric?
 That’s an old rod-iron chair on top of that table.
 How cool is that?
In addition to home decor, Sugarbaker’s also specializes in home staging. You know, like those people on TV that come in and make your house look like a feature in Better Homes & Gardens? Yea, that’s what they do.
 Except their totally affordable and
way more realistic.
Are those Abby Maddy key fobs I spy?
I love the wine rack, turned towel holder.
Oh and did you say you have a wedding to plan? A baby shower to throw? Need to de-clutter, decorate a room or throw a holiday bash? Yea, they can do that too. Really, there’s not much these girls can’t do. Make sure you visit their website to drool a little more over their fabulous shop and serious decorating skills.
Are you wondering what the heavenly smell is? Well let’s walk next door, to
Sweet Creations by Holly
I swear, my waistline expands by just walking into her bakery.
She makes the. best. fruit pizza. End of story.
For my baby shower, I didn’t want cake.
 I wanted fruit pizza.
Holly’s fruit pizza.
And I plan on requesting it from every birthday from here till forty.
But honestly everything at Holly’s is drool worthy. I mean, you’re never gonna see me pass up a piece of cheesecake or peanut butter cookie. No sir, not me.

One of the reason’s I love Holly’s Sweet Creations
is because its the quintessential bakery next door.
You can stop in and pick up a yummy dessert or
order a beautiful custom cake for your next get-together.
Check out all the pretty jars filled with chocolates. L.O. V.E.

The day I visited Holly she was creating this precious giraffe “smash cake”
for a lucky baby boy’s first birthday!
How cute is that?
Be sure to visit Holly on Facebook to see all her delicious creations
 and tell her Abby Maddy sent you!
I hope you’ve enjoyed visiting some of my favorite hometown spots.
Next Friday we’ll continue our tour through downtown and beyond.
Have a Great 4th of July Weekend!

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