{Hometown Tour-Part II}

Happy Friday everyone!  I’m back with part two of the hometown tour. Last week I showed you a few of my favorite places around downtown Kingsport. But I really love downtown, so this week I’m gonna squeeze in just a few more.

Check out the old train station that now houses the Chamber and other city offices.

That’s Wallace’s news stand, a true institution in Kingsport. Every singe little boy that ever grew up around here has a story about Wallace’s. *SMILE*

I LOVE church circle, quite possible one of my favorite Kingsport landmarks. Its just beautiful.

Kingsport Grocery is a landmark for any celebration, wedding or party. Think restored warehouse, hardwood floors, fabulous.
Hometown tour collage
Oh and did I mention that they’re getting a carousel?? Like an honest to goodness, climb on the beautiful painted horse, squeal like a little kid, go round and round carousel!! EEEK!! I’m so glad I have kids so that I wont be the crazy old lady riding the carousel by myself.
It’s all being installed right next to the newly designed farmers market complex, finding a home in a restored part of the old Kingsport Press buildings. See? More of that renovating and re-designing I love!
And of course we can’t talk about small town life without a parade!
DSC03152 DSC03116 DSC03119 DSC03123 DSC03125 DSC03142 DSC03145
Did you spot the red, white and blue cutie pies? I think even my eight month old had a blast. And that’s my high school band. I played alto sax and bassoon. Yeah, I was cool like that.
I love how so many things around Kingsport look vintage, and a little Norman Rockwell. But what I really love is that they look that way because they’re original. It’s a place where people make do, or do without as the saying goes. The elementary school where I attended as a child, is also the same school my mother and grandmother attended. If the sidewalks look worn, well that’s because generation after generation have walked the streets to town and back. Even though the community is changing and growing there is still a genuine interest for preserving the past. And you gotta love that.

One thought on “{Hometown Tour-Part II}

  1. Nichole says:

    How fun are these posts!?!? :o) Still loving them! Glad you included the band – Now you just need to mention how big the band is for everyone to truly understand! :oP


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