{Summer Camp {Deployment} Care Package}

Oh what a week! It’s been a just a teensy, tiny, bit crazy. An impromptu visit from a college friend, Abby’s very first week of summer camp, and in between trying to squeeze in some updates to the shop. Oh, and did I mention that next week is the last week of summer vacay?? I’m alternating between nostalgia and a happy dance. There was so much I wanted to achieve this summer that just did not happen. But I did manage to squeeze in a lot of good sunshine and quality time with the two sweetest babies around. And that’s all that matters.

Since we’ve been in full on summer camp mode this week- their theme was “”Back to the Farm”- which made for some super cute craft projects, Abby asked if we could send daddy a care package with all her artwork inside. Why yes, you precious baby, we can! But you know I’m not one to let a flat rate box go out empty, so we decided to send daddy a little care package full of all the summer camp essentials.

Being deployed for a year is kind of like being at summer camp, right? *Wink*

And at the top of the list had to be s’mores!  But not just any s’mores. S’mores that would survive the USPS and a 7,000 mile trip.

I dug through the cabinet and came up with our version of s’mores a’ la deployment. Shortbread cookies, marshmallows, Nutella, and almond bark. You can totally use graham crackers, but I had about four boxes of shortbread cookies laying around because I got delivered the wrong cookie order and didn’t have any idea who the little Girl Scout was that I had bought from..but it’s all good.

Picnik collage

Ahhh! They turned out delicious!! Even better than I expected. And to make sure they all got there in one piece, I packaged them in my handy dandy mason jars. That way if they get a little gooey, then he can just eat them out of the jar.

We also added {3 varieties} of beef jerky, corn nuts, sunflower seeds, beef sausage, trail mix, peanuts, honey wheat pretzels, microwave pork rinds and a box of green gummy army men- just because.

And loads and loads of summer camp inspired art work.

That makes a happy toddler- and a happy daddy!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. We’ll be gearing up for one last week of summer fun before school starts back and I am officially the mother of a preschooler. More on that later.

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