{Nooks & Niches}

If you know me in real life, you know I’m all about my little basket/box organization systems. Everything in our house has a home, and at the end of day, everything goes back in its place.


With two little ones, that doesn’t always happen, so I’ve pretty much spent the past year trying to make our house as kid friendly as possible. And since I refuse to live in a Toys R us catalog, that meant thinking outside the box for user friendly, stylish ways to store toys, blankies, crafts and more. And I couldn’t be more thrilled with the little “stations” I’ve created all through our house. Added bonus- its super easy for our preschooler to put things away = she actually does it!

One of most favorite spaces is the cubicles in our living room. I’ve had this idea in my head forever, but couldn’t find the right piece of furniture to make it work. Then one day, while at Big Lots, I saw it! It was perrrrrrfect!! I added the baskets, with chalkboard labels of course, and now we have a toy storage/mini nursery area in our living room.This was especially helpful when the baby was born, I had a whole supply of diapers, wipes, creams, blankies, and toys within arms reach.


I love this entire space, the birdcage was an awesome find at a antique store, the bird came from our post thrift shop and the picture was a gift from my cousin- taken just two weeks before our little man made his entrance! Can’t you tell, I was {HUGE}

DSC03646 DSC03638

The toy storage above is also in our loving room. It’s actually a wine cabinet and I pulled the wine dividers out and added baskets. The blanket storage idea I snagged from Thrifty Decor Chick {love her and her blog}

DSC03664 DSC03648

The art supply storage is my latest and greatest invention. Our preschooler is seriously addicted to colored pencils and crayons {as is her mommy} so I had to find a way to corral them all, and still make them accessible.  A quick trip down the canning isle and I found my solution- 4 jars and a jar caddy. The table underneath houses coloring books, scissors and glue. Love it!!

The magazine rack came from a junk store somewhere forever ago, and we added it to the side of our island to keep the five thousand mags that we get off the counter. Perfect!


DSC03660 DSC03651

Ok, so I saved the best for last. This is our laundry/mud room and I LoVe, LOVE, LoVe it!!! It’s small, which meant it needed to be functional, efficient and cheery. And i think I totally hit the mark on this, don’t you? All the boxes house tools, craft supplies, batteries, flashlights, and all that stuff that normally occupies a junk drawer. I added storage baskets for cleaning supplies, toilet papers, etc..  The baskets on top of the dryer are for lose socks, extra craft supplies and mending.

Buy my fave part are my {chalkboard label} bottles that house detergents and fabric softener. I also adore my little crocheted clothes line. How cute is that?

Do you have favorite little nooks and niches in your house? How do you corral toys and clutter?

Share  your ideas with me!

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2 thoughts on “{Nooks & Niches}

  1. Traci says:

    I absolutely love your storage ideas! Do you remember where you got the baskets? Did you make the chalkboard signs for them or did they come that way? And…the large stacked hinged baskets in your mud room; where did they come from?


  2. Abby Maddy Inspired says:

    Thanks Traci! Most all of the baskets came from Michaels,only because I needed matching sets, bit Im always combing the thrift/junk stores for odd baskets for storage, theyre all over my house. Some came with chalkboards {the ones with the nice little frames} and I just took them off and glued them onto the baskets I needed them on. For all the rest, I got some precut wood slats at Michaels, painted them with chalkdboard paint and glued them on. { you can see i still need three more….long story 🙂 The hinged baskets were a gift from my mom waaaaaay back in college, but theyre still fabulous! I think you can find them at Bed, Bath and Beyond or Target.


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