{Smore’s {Happy} Birthday Cakes}

Today is my hubby’s “Happy Birthday” as our three year old says. He’s turning a very hot 29 *wink*. And I can honestly say after nine years together, he still takes my breath away every. single. time. I see him. He’s my best friend, the love of my life, my shoulder to lean on, my rock, my hero, and the other half of my heart. And I absolutely hate that he’s not home so I can spoil him silly on his birthday. He likes to play it all cool, like he doesn’t really care about birthdays, but I know the truth. And there is nothing better than watching him light up when I produce yet another creation made from coconut cake.  But since his birthday treats have to travel 7,000 miles over oceans, mountains and far away lands this year, I was a little worried about coconut cake drying out. It’s really hard to send frosted cakes in a care package, and well, the icing with all that coconut is the best part of a coconut cake- right?
So this year, we’re breaking from tradition a little bit {which, ironically, seems  to be the entire them of our year so far..}. Instead of coconut concoctions, I found a way to stuff s’mores cakes into tiny little jars and mail them off for our birthday boy.
No, I’m not sick of s’mores yet. Yes, there are still a few s’mores related recipes I have not tried.
Thank you for asking.
I found this tutorial and followed her instructions- with my own little twist. Ya’ll know I never have all the ingredients in my cabinet for anything, and I wasn’t about to drag two babies to the grocery store for graham crackers, so I improvised.
Instead of graham crackers, I used a combo of graham crackers and ritz crackers { I was short on graham crackers}. I also discovered i was out of marshmallows, but I did have marshmallow cream. Even better.
DSC03817 (2)DSC03819 (2)DSC03822 (2)DSC03828 (2)
These jars are from Better Homes and Gardens, and they are adorable all on their own.
No dressing up needed.

DSC03839 (2)

We wrapped ‘em and stuffed ‘em into very festive birthday boxes complete with decor, snacks, hats, presents, artwork and lots of confetti, shred and love.
And then we made this video that we sent to him today.
Happy Birthday Baby!
Here’s to NOT eating cake out of a jar next year!
I love you moon and back!

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