{Holiday How To- The Mantle}


Merry Christmas my sweet blog friends!

I hope everyone’s holiday season is off to a festive start! I always put up my decorations Thanksgiving weekend, but this year I decided to shake things up a little and put them up the week before turkey day. I had multiple reasons,including surgery this past week, but the biggest was that I just wanted to enjoy them a little longer this year.  Since the hubby deployed just five days before Christmas last year, and I was sleep deprived and a little post partum looking after a two year old and five week old, not much got done in the way of decorating- and I have felt the mommy guilt All. Year. Long. We still had a little tree and I still hung the stockings, but everything came down the day hubby deployed so that I didn’t have to drag it all downstairs (read: cry) by myself when we came back from Tennessee.

So this year, with the end of deployment finally in sight, I wanted everything done right, The hubby still wont make it home in time for Christmas, but I don’t care. Its staying up until he gets here and then we’ll have Christmas #2.

I was also thinking, as I was pulling out garland and lights, how I can’t remember from year to year how I put up certain decorations. Then I started thinking, how I should take a few pictures and stick them in my Christmas boxes so I remember just how I had those eighty strands of lights plugged into one socket {I kid}, then I started thinking how you might actually enjoy seeing how I do that too *wink* And let me just say, I’m not a decorator- there are many, many fabulous home decor and design blogs out there by real decorators, but I do love to decorate and share ideas, so please feel free to take these and make them work in your own home.

So lets start with the mantle- my most favorite spot to decorate in the entire house!

I like to start with a completely clean mantle.


Next, I add the garland {and the lights} if you’re not using pre-lit garland. I’m all for using pre-lit whenever possible, but I’m obsessed with my pearl lights, so they always go on the mantle. I use a few tiny tacks to help hold the garland in place so it doesn’t go flying across the room- which it has been known to do.


Next I add my large pieces- trees, blocks, pictures, stocking holders-whatever you like to place on your mantle. I like mine to be festive and full, but this is up to you. Make sure you anchor each piece within your garland so nothing slides off and its all nestled together.  You can also add in any picks or ornaments at this point.


Next I like to add my stockings and wreath and any final details. I decided those gaps beside the trees needed just a little something, so I used the mirrored dollar store trees sitting on top of candlesticks to fill the space. I love the way it turned out!



DSC04165 DSC04168 DSC04180 DSC04191

And that’s it! A festive, glittery mantle in just about fifteen minutes

Merry Christmas!

Stay tuned for more Holiday How To, including the stairwell and the tree!

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