{Holiday How To- The Tree}


It’s time for our next installation in the {holiday how to } series and today we’re talking about the tree.  And I have a confession to make- I really HATE decorating the Christmas tree.

Yea. That’s right. I said it.

It’s not my favorite thing.

I love decorating the rest of the house, but the tree, not so much. And I think it’s because I haven’t been super happy with out tree decorations, but ya know, you work with what you’ve got, right?

So I decided that this year I would try changing just one thing- I added in a lot of that lime green color that I LOOOOVE so much. And it made a HUGE difference! I also decided to stick in a bunch of “larger” objects to fill space and make it interesting, I’ll show you what I mean in the pictures below.

So lets start with our tree. And yes, we do a fake tree at our house. I have million reasons for it, but it mostly has to do with I put up the tree before Thanksgiving, and it stays up till after New Years {this year until after Homecoming- wahooo!!!} and we have two little ones who like to tug on it, eat it, shake it, etc… But I will say, that after living in the Pacific Northwest for a while, I did develop a love of cutting our own tree and so we usually place a live tree, lit up, on our porch *wink*

Ok, so the tree. Sometimes fake trees have gaps, so I like to stuff in some extra garland and lights to fill it up.


Then its onto the decor. I started this year with deco-mesh, the super trendy, super sparkly stuff that’s everywhere. And its soooo festive, I love it!! Just keep layering your colors.


Then its time to start sticking in some larger items. I used large snowflakes from the dollar store,  oversized ornaments, elves, etc…. You name it, I stuck it in there.

It’s kind of like the Where’s Waldo of Christmas trees…

DSC04274 DSC04588DSC04590

Lastly, I fill in with ornaments, and add some sprigs of berries.

DSC04575   DSC04574


I finish with my bow tree topper and that’s it!

A super sparkly, super festive, super {fake} tree!

{And don’t forget your tree skirt!}


And by the way, this is one of eight trees in our house. They range in size from seven feet to two feet, some are decorated with a theme, some are just lit up. Not bad for a girl who hates to decorate a Christmas tree, huh?

What is your favorite thing to decorate at Christmas?

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And stay tuned for more Holiday How To, including the stairwell, a snowman tree and yummy black and white peppermint bark!

One thought on “{Holiday How To- The Tree}

  1. Nichole says:

    Love your tree! :o) You did great! maybe since we are in a nice big house I can have more than one tree next year! We shall see! :o) Cannot wait until you have your Ben home!! So excited for you and the kids too!


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