{Holiday How To- The Stairwell}


In our house we have a super short little banister that leads up our stairs, but I dream of one of those large, sweeping, winding banisters that goes on forever and is open all the way to the top- you know, the kind that only childless couples can ever have because you’d be too terrified to ever let your kids out of your sight….

Where was I? Oh, yes, the short little stairwell and banister. So, even though its little, and short, I think it deserves some glam too.

So lets start with our naked little banister.


And add some garland. With lights of course {Again, you can go pre-lit, but you know I love my pearl lights} To get the garland to stay put, I simply tie it in place with some green ribbon.

  DSC04201 DSC04203


Next, I added in some more of my deco mesh that I love so much. Just a little tip, when working with deco mesh, cut it into short pieces and it will curl on its own, Tuck each little piece, making short tufts and it will appear is though its one large piece wound through your garland. DSC04214

Then its time to add a little bling. I fell in love with these little candy stripe picks from Hobby Lobby this year, and I added them to the stairwell and a few other places in the house. I also threw in some green glittery berries along with a few red. And a few little twists of ribbon finishes it off




Finish it off with a bow, and you have a sweet, festive little banister.

DSC04233  DSC04667


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