I still cant believe we made it. I mean, I knew we would make it, but seriously, I cant believe he’s home. This was round two for us on the deployment front, and while this tour was much shorter {the last one was fifteen months!} this was the first time that I was left alone, with two tiny babies to care for. And it was terrifying. me

But somehow, I got up, put on my big girl panties and dealt with it. We didn’t just have deployment to deal with this time, in addition to a 5 week old, a two year old, a business to run, and army responsibilities, the hubby took command mid-tour. Life. Got. Crazy. Some of you may remember this post about how I was freaking out before he left. And guess what? Some days looked exactly like that, macaroni and cheese and all.  But most days didn’t. And we got through.me ben jack abby  abby2 abby3 

jack  homecoming

And now I cant wait for our next chapter. We have big, big goals for our family this year. And now that we’re all together, they seem completely obtainable. I love that. 

3 thoughts on “{Homecoming}

  1. Jess says:

    It may have seemed terrifying at times, but you pulled it off with grace and ease. You are a true inspiration to everyone around you! ❤ So happy that our families are complete again! =)


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