{Make it- Floral Lampshade}

You guys know I love me some craft projects, especially on a rainy, yucky day like today.  And for a while I’ve been toying with how to show you all the messes creative things I make. I also love a good tutorial, and often rely on other bloggers when I’m tackling a new project, which is pretty much all the time. I, however, am terrible at remembering to take pictures along the way, and so while I could show you the finished projects all the live long day, I could not even begin to tell you how I got from A to Z. Yea. My brain just doesn’t work like that.

But I want to get better. Really I do.

So welcome to Make it Monday!

Each Monday we will be featuring a no muss, no fuss craft that you could probably even knock out during nap time {stop laughing, it happens occasionally…}

This week’s project is a floral lampshade I just designed for the princess’ room.  These are nothing new and have been in cute little boutiques for years, but they usually come with a cute little price tag too.  My version was done for less than $25.


To start you’ll need some flowers, and a lampshade.

Any lampshade will do, the cheaper the better, but a drum style shade works best. Just make sure your shade is smooth and free of pleats so your flowers will adhere.

For flowers, I went to my local craft store and found the clearance bins and went to town gathering 44 cent flowers.  However many flowers you think you’ll need- double it. They need to be glued very close together to get that boutique look. Otherwise it looks cheap and sparse.

You’ll also need a hot glue gun and some scissors.

DSC04913   DSC04909

I started by pulling/clipping all my flowers off their stems and arranging them on the table by color.

Next I began gluing them into “pods” all over the shade. This part is very important if you’re using remnant flowers. Make sure you’re spreading out all your different flower varieties across your shade. Otherwise, if you run out, you may wind up with all your lavender roses on one side of your shade, and be unable to find anymore.

Then just keep gluing, and gluing and gluing……..

DSC04915 DSC04919 DSC04925

Until eventually you end up with this.


How’s that for easy?

And no one will ever guess you raided the remnant flowers from Michaels.

Make it a fabulous Monday!

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