{A Guest Bedroom}

I showed you a little peek of our guest room last week when I revealed the hubby’s brand new man cave. But I thought I’d show you a wee bit more today, and let you in on a few of my thrifty little finds that help make this guest room crazy cozy.


The guest room is part of our basement, actually it’s right off the man cave so it has the same issues as the rest of the downstairs- no windows, outside entrances, natural light, etc… And its kind of an awkward space. We debated for a while about whether my studio should go down there, so the guest room would be upstairs, but after much deliberating we decided that it made absolutely zero sense for me to be downstairs so far away from the kids when I work in my studio on a daily basis. And there was that whole ‘no natural light’ thing and I was pretty certain I would lose my mind.  Well that and I was afraid that our fall line would have about ten colors of pink that didn’t match because they all looked the same in the dark, right?

So finally we succumbed to the guest room in the basement, which made me feel super super guilty every time someone came to stay. I felt like we were locking our company away in a dungeon. So while I was busy working on the man cave, I decided to give our guest room a little VIP treatment too. But remember that budget I was on? Yeah, it was waaaaay tighter for the guest room so I had to get super creative. Which led to a super cozy, yard sale glam kind of room.

There were three requirements for the guest room. 1) It had to be cozy. 2) It had to provide a clean space for someone to unpack. 3) There had to be place to hang clothes since there is no clothes closet or dresser.


I think I got the cozy part right, how about you?


The upholstered headboard is made using a piece of MDF covered in an old quilt and then I stapled a piece of remnant upholstery fabric over top. We used picture hangers to hang it on the wall so we can easily take it with us when we move.


The lamps are from Goodwill and I just placed matching shades on them.  The mirrors are also from the thrift store and I sprayed them both white to balance out the look. The nightstand on the right is a plant stand with a mirror on top for a flat surface. The night stand on the left is my fave- just a stack of old suitcases we found at junk stores.  And the stand at the foot of the bed is actually an old table without the glass top- but it makes a great suitcase rack.


For some glam style art, I used the wall decals from the craft store {the kind that come with those little crystals for added glitter} and just stuck them on the wall and placed an empty frame around them. Instant art!


And to deal with the no closet issue, I used an old privacy screen, removed the lace panels and added wooden hangers. Now guests can easily unpack their clothes and make themselves at home. Plus, the openness of the screen doesn’t close off the room which I love.


A small painted desk makes a great dressing table and provides a place for doing make-up or working on the computer.

And that’s how you make a guest room on a serious budget.

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2 thoughts on “{A Guest Bedroom}

  1. Jean says:

    Your room is just beautiful. Welcoming and simple. Love the stacked luggage as nightstand and the quote on the wall.

    I came over from the BBTL FB group. I look forward to seeing how we all blossom with the course.



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