Re-integration//Magazine Feature

A few weeks ago, our family had the honor of sitting down with a local reporter for a story on re-integration after deployment.  There were three families profiled, all with different histories, experiences and outlooks on what it means to come together again after so long apart. We’ve done several of these types of interviews over the years, some of which are more comfortable than others, but this particular piece really hit home with the hubs and me. And to be completely honest, I think we both felt a little ill equipped to offer up advice, when there really is no one way to reconnect after a separation. It’s hard to explain what’s it like to be together again after so many months apart and it’s hard to explain how our military families make that work.

But you just do.

The best you can, the best you know how, you figure it out.

Somehow you muddle through all the messy stuff until you’re back to normal.  It takes time, patience, everyday routines and everyday chaos to get back to comfortable. For us, that means making lots of time to be together- date nights, trips, just hanging out. We don’t entertain a lot of family in those few months and we generally spend a lot of time hanging with friends that know what it’s like. For us, the overwhelming desire to reconnect completely outweighs everything else that might be happening in our lives.

Simply put, re-integration is non-negotiable.

We couldn’t remember when the feature was going to run, so I was surprised today when I opened our weekly edition of the post newspaper to find the article inside. And even though we didn’t know at the time, who else was being profiled, our experiences were all so amazing similar. 

It honestly made my heart smile.

Click to read the full article (pages 6-9)


Are you re-connecting after a deployment?

What’s it been like for your family?

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