{The Mama-rita}

If you’ve ever been to my house while I was pregnant, nursing, or just out of wine {eeek!} you’ve heard about the “mommy cocktail”. With a three year old and 19 month old, I’ve spent the better part of the last four years either pregnant or nursing, and of course that’s meant no yummy umbrella drinks for me. The “mommy cocktail” as my hubby named it, has become somewhat famous around our circle of friends, so I thought I’d share my easy peasy recipe with you for a drink that has ZERO alcohol.

Cause ya know, sometimes a girl just can’t partake.


Here’s the recipe:

Margarita Salt or Kosher Salt or Sugar {for the rim of the glass}

1 Lime

2 Cups of ice

1 Cup mineral water

1 Cup flavored sparkling water {your choice}

1 Cup frozen berries {your choice}

2 tsp of sugar

Slice the lime and use a wedge to salt/sugar a {pretty} glass. In a blender throw in the ice, mineral water, sparkling water, berries, sugar and the juice of half a lime. Blend until smooth.


That’s it!

So simple, but soooo yummy!

Trust me, I nursed two babies {only 27 months apart} for a year each and these were so great for those times when we were hanging out with friends and everyone could have a drink but me.

And for those times when you’re just not feeling the whole ‘clean the blender’ thing, just nix the ice, toss the frozen berries into a glass and pour all the liquid ingredients on top.


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