{A {Super Simple} Valentine’s Pennant Tutorial}

*This project is rated NAPTIME*

I don’t get too much into decorating for all the little holidays, but there’s just something about Valentine’s that I can’t resist. I guess I just love any excuse to use a bit of red and pink through the house. It just makes me happy, always has.

Since my four year old is learning to sew, she is constantly begging to do any and all projects that involve needle and thread.

I wanted to do something super simple that she could help with, so after perusing my fabric stash, I emerged with a stack of felt and a plan.

For this super-duper simple Valentine’s pennant you’ll need some felt (I used red and pink of course), scissors, needle and thread or sewing machine and some coordinating bias tape.

Begin by cutting your felt into squares. Mine measured 6×6.
Make your banner as long as you like- each felt square will equal two pieces sewn into your pennant.

Then fold over each square and cut out a simple heart.
When you’re done, you’ll have a stack of hearts and a stack of “frames”

To add a little contrast, you can stitch around the edges of each piece in a contrasting thread. This is a great learning exercise for little hands! Or, you can stick it on the machine if you’re in a hurry.

Once you have the pieces ready arrange them in whatever shape/color pattern you prefer
and begin stitching them into your bias tape.

That’s it!
A super quick, {no waste }Valentine’s pennant!
My pennant is flimsy, but if you want yours to be thicker, just use stiff felt.
I used what I had, which makes me love it even more ❤

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