{Work at Home Mommy- Feeding Your Brain}

When you work where you live, it can sometimes feel isolating and downright claustrophobic to be in your home 24/7.  While I love what I do and can literally spend hours holed up in my tiny little studio content to just be with my sewing machine, I still crave human interaction, or at least human inspiration.
Sometimes I just need to feed my brain. 
Sometimes it’s coffee with a friend. Sometimes it’s lunch with a fellow entrepreneur. 
And sometimes I just need some no holds barred advice. 
Today, I’m going to share with you my absolute favorite source of motivation and guidance, Marie Forleo.
I love her no-nonsense approach to business and marketing and I especially love that she’s a ‘been-there done-that’ kinda girl.  I get her emails every Tuesday, so imagine my excitement when I opened this weeks video to discover this was the topic.

Source: youtube.com via Abby on Pinterest
Click over to watch, and while you’re there, I highly recommend you subscribe.
And P.S.- I am totally digging the whole “put your mask on first” comparison. 

Let me know what you think!
Leave a comment below and weigh in!

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