{Work at Home Mommy- Scheduling & Pre-Posting on Blogs & Social Media}

When talking with other mama-preneurs I often hear the same frustrations over and over again- there is just not enough time. Not enough hours in the day, not enough coffee in the pot, not enough sand in the glass. 

I also know that when we get short on time, over worked and stressed out, social media, blogs and websites can be the first thing to go. While brick and mortar businesses may maintain a web presence just to be competitive, if you are strictly an online business failure to update and communicate on these sites can essentially mean you are out of business!

And while were on the topic, let me say that I DO NOT believe you have to be part of every single social media site ever created. I personally have a severe disgust for LinkedIn. It just feels creepy to me. I’m also not a huge fan of Twitter (even though I do use it, which I’ll explain in a minute) And since I don’t have an I-Phone, there are certain platforms that are simply unavailable to me- as they are to others. So in other words, if you don’t like, or its not universally translated, then why bother?

In deciphering what sites to use I have a simple rule: Does is allow me to pre-post? If it does, and I like the site then I can make it work.  Honesty, it’s about the only way I can make it work. Have you ever noticed that my blog posts appear at 9am every morning? Or that Facebook posts appear at generally the same time each day? If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably realized that what you see on Facebook appears on Twitter within seconds. Are you starting to see the pattern here?

No, I don’t have an IT team, or webmaster, and I don’t sit in front of my computer all day long. 
With two babes under five, most of my blogging, email answering, and website maintenance work gets done late at night or early in the morning. Not exactly peak times for social media posts.So I rely heavily on the pre-posting/scheduling features of my favorite platforms. 


We’ve talked Blogs before, but in case you missed it, my host of choice is Blogger. Yea, there’s a whole side of the fence that says WordPress is better, and it might be, but I know Blogger, and I kinda *heart* it too. 
When working in Blogger its SUPER easy to write up a post and then click the schedule button, allowing you to schedule years in advance! And here I thought I was high speed because I have a few weeks worth of posts scheduled- can you imagine years?
Wanna know a secret? All of my sponsors posts are coordinated with the shop owner, and  done weeks in advance. It helps me keep my sanity and it gives them content and advertising they can plan around. 

Same goes for Facebook- though I will admit, I didn’t know it was possible until a few months ago. I stumbled across this post on Pinterest a while ago, and I seriously think I owe this woman a cake. She has saved me so much time and headache. I kinda wanna hug her. 

I mentioned earlier that I don’t really like Twitter, but knowing that so many of my customers/followers are there, I do at least have a presence on the site. BUT, thanks to a feature of Facebook, I can post to Twitter without ever logging in. Wanna link your accounts up? Click here.

Of course, the pre-posting option is only as good as you are- it wont work unless you do. But I find that I am much more productive when I can designate one or two times a week to schedule and post for the upcoming weeks. 
I also use a series of planning tools, including Monthly and Weekly Blog Planners and a Sponsor Planner- and today I’m sharing these free printables with you!

Click each picture to download. 

I hope this helps you to plan and schedule a little easier! 
Leave a comment below and share your favorite time saving tip for blogging and social media!

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