Handmade Business- How to use your Media Kit! // Tiffany Silverberg}

Hello lovely readers! Remember me? 
Yea, I know it’s been a while. 
We’re still busy settling in but for now I thought I’d share with you a little more about that fabulous 
Media Kit Template we mentioned a while back…
Remember that post? 
Yea, forever ago.. excuse my brain, it seems to be on Summer vacay…
But our sweet Tiffany has agreed to share a little more about why you need a Media Kit
and how to actually use one, so without further ado…
How to use the Media Kit Template
By: Tiffany Silverberg
You know you need a media kit. You know you need to standardize your advertising options. You know you need a single, simple document to send to prospective partners or marketers. 
But who has the time? And what should you include? How do you know you’re not forgetting anything. 
That’s what the Template is about. I created this Media Kit Template exclusively for Abby Maddy Design readers because I know the struggle between what should get done and what actually gets done. 
Ready to rock your Media Kit? 
You’ll notice it’s a .dotx document. That makes it a Template in your Word program, which means you can go in and change the document elements globally. Change the font styles and colors for headlines and paragraphs to make it easier to make it reflect YOU. 
Now, let’s go through the template together, shall we? On the front page, replace the Your Logo text with your logo. And update the date and your name on the bottom. 
On page two, throw in your header or banner instead of text on the top. This will place it on every page following as well. In the first box, list the facts. Who you are and so on. Next to that is a spot for a photo or two of you or your family. The bottom section is for the facts about your readership or customers. Grab this information from Google analytics or wherever you get your stats. Then list your social stats. I left a place for relevant hashtags. This gives marketers a good idea of where you hangout on Twitter or Tumblr, and the like. Don’t forget those basic demographics. If you don’t’ have specific numbers, list nouns or adjectives to best describe your readers or customers. 
The next page is for shops. You can remove this page if you just have a blog. There are three spots for product images. Make sure to replace my text with your product names and price points. List shop facts on the top. In the middle, tell your shop story. On the bottom, give extra facts. 
The last page is the place to get the marketer, advertiser, editor, or writer ready to connect with you. In the first box, write a couple sentences about what the next steps should be. How do they get on board the program? If you have ad slots available, put the details on the top right box. If not, replace this box with a photo. There is also a place in the middle for another photo. Make this one count! Make them love you. Next to that, give those still waffling a place to connect or otherwise fall in love with you. Where else can they find your brand? Don’t forget to tell them who your current or past partners have been. Make them eager to be among the best. And then make sure your Contact info is up to date! Make it easy!
Now save it all as a PDF, upload to your website and start sending to potential partners. Let’s make your brand rock. 
Have a specific question about using the Template? Drop me a line! 
We will get your Media Kit finished in no time! (Also, I’d LOVE to see your finished product!!)


About Me: I love working with entrepreneurs and small business owners to put their words back to work. Whether you have started writing or are still staring at a blank page, I can help you crank out those press releases, web pages, blog posts, social media posts, or marketing materials. You can find me at TiffanySilverberg.com.

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