Handmade Business- Tiffany Silverberg // Making your Media Kit Yours!}

How to Make your Media Kit All Yours 
by Tiffany Silverberg
Your brand isn’t just like everyone else’s. 
Your media kit shouldn’t be either. 
In providing the Media Kit Template, I wanted to take the guesswork out for you! No more wondering if it’s laid out correctly. No more hoping you remembered everything. In fact, the Media Kit template probably has more than you need. Here are some tips for making the template match your brand: 
1) Click on Themes and change the colors and font to match your brand. If you haven’t created your brand theme within Word, just choose a theme that best matches your brand colors and font. This will change all the colors and font throughout the document. You won’t have to update each item. 
2) Update the header or banner with your logo. This will ensure that each page is branded to you. Now throw in some pictures that really showcase your brand. This will give the media kit your look instantly! Use head shots, family pictures, product photos whatever makes sense for your brand. Consider the images you use on your About page. 
3) Now go through and fill out each text section. Don’t feel the need to be more formal or informal than your brand is. Write the way you would a blog post. This should be about you! If you find that there is a section that just doesn’t make sense for your brand or doesn’t match what you do, take out the text and replace the space with another photo! 
4) Now here’s where things are going to get really interesting. This is my top tip for making the media kit really work! Make sure you include logos of brands you have or are working with. Don’t have any of those yet? Then list logos of your favorite brands, specifically those you have talked about with links to those posts. Create a title for that section that is honest, such Brands I Love or Brands I’ve Talked About. This will help other potential partners really get an idea of who you are as a brand and why they might be a natural fit for you. 
Love it? Hate it? 
And stay tuned.
My next post will be about how to use this media kit to make lasting connections! 


About Me: I love working with entrepreneurs and small business owners to put their words back to work. Whether you have started writing or are still staring at a blank page, I can help you crank out those press releases, web pages, blog posts, social media posts, or marketing materials. You can find me at TiffanySilverberg.com.

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