{20 Steps to {Preparing a Preschool Thanksgiving}

20 Steps to Preparing a Preschool Thanksgiving
Step 1: Discover there is going to be Thanksgiving and the teacher expects you to participate. 


Step 2: Skim the list and pick the items with the least effort involved since its a holiday week. 


Step 3: Congratulate yourself on picking juice boxes for one class, and groan that all is left for the other class is to make turkey sandwiches.


Step 4: Write it down, record a memo on your phone, and leave a huge note on the fridge so you don’t forget. 




Step 5: Go grocery shopping.


Step 6: Go back to the grocery store the next day because you forget juice boxes, turkey and bread.


Step 7: Spend an unknown amount of time in front of the deli section trying to figure out if you’re supposed to buy and cook a turkey or if cold cuts are acceptable.


Step 8: Give up and groan, mumble something under your breath about being a working mommy and toss the cold cuts into the buggy.


Step 9: Get home and realize that you reversed the list for the classes, so you didn’t buy enough juice boxes, but you have enough turkey sandwiches to feed an army.


Step 10: Leave a huge note on the counter all weekend so you don’t


 forget to make the sandwiches.


Step 11: Send your husband back to the store for more juice boxes. He forgets about the original box you already had and now you also have enough juice boxes to hydrate an army


Step 12: Begin making the sandwiches at 6pm on Sunday evening. Debate the merits of condiments.


Step 13: Forgo condiments, admit they’re probably not going to eat them anyway and move on.


Step 14: Realize you’re out of plastic wrap and panic.


Step 15: Explain to your husband that the “non-toxic” mommies will judge you for using aluminum foil.


Step 16: Listen to his rant, agree that “no, you cannot name the one person who has died from aluminum foil” and move on.


Step 17: Wrap the plate of sandwiches and marvel at the fact it looks like a cooked ham that’s been covered.


Step 18: Giggle with hubby about how you’re going to tell everyone that you cooked a ham for your kids preschool classes instead of throwing some crappy sandwiches on a plate.


Step 19: Explain to your five year old that it’s not origami or a balloon animal and you don’t know how to make it look like a turkey or a duck.


Step 20: Shove the platter in the fridge and leave a huge note on the bar reminding you to actually put the sandwiches in the car in the morning.

From our family to yours, 
Happy Thanksgiving!

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