{My love affair- with online grocery shopping}

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a post about online grocery shopping by another mom blogger ( I really, really wanted to credit her in this post but for the life of me I cant find it now!) and she made it sound so awesome, I started doing a little research. 

Now you must know, I don’t hate grocery shopping. But I despise grocery shopping with two little people under six. I mean, it’s just miserable. And exhausting. And Oh My Gosh if someone asks to go to the bathroom when we’re in the very back of the store with a cart full of groceries one more time……

Since shopping with the kiddos is so nightmarish, I do what every mom does and try to squeeze it into non-kid time. 
But hello? 
Aren’t I supposed to be running a business here? 
And what about when the hubby is away playing Army? 
So online grocery shopping? Let’s just say, I was interested.

A quick google revealed a company called Peapod in our area, and after I input my zip I found out that they deliver to my house. Score!

I’ll admit, I was a little nervous and not sure what to expect. I played around on the website for a couple days, putting together what would be a normal grocery run for me. I shop bi-weekly because I detest it so, and our grocery runs are usually quite large. Since Peapod delivers in my area from Giant, and I typically shop other stores,  I had to kind of “shop around” my staples and build an order that would mimic my usual grocery haul. And I’ll be completely honest, it took me a couple hours, but just that one time – I’ll get to that in a minute.

{ Just a side note on how I shop- I use the back of my grocery list to plan out 8-10 meals, including dining out/ordering out and then I flip it over, go through my fridge and cabinets to cross off what I have, and mark everything on my list that I need. }

So after seeing that my total was actually less than my usual bill I decided to take the plunge, hit submit, and schedule my delivery for- get this- the next day!!

I went to bed and had all kinds of those mom can’t turn off her brain dreams where little old men were pushing a cart through the store, holding my grocery list and trying to pick out my oranges and steak and razors. I secretly wondered if that’s how it works….

The next morning, around 8:00 a.m. my phone buzzed to tell me my order was out for delivery, and a little bit later it buzzed again to tell me the driver was en route to my house. Pretty cool!
 Fifteen minutes later, this arrived to my deck door. 
{I love that you can specify which door they come to}

The driver was super friendly, carried everything into the kitchen, and went over my order with me, including everything that might have been out of stock and has a substitution.

Oh, and I asked about the little old man from my dream with the shopping cart and a grocery list…He laughed and explained that the groceries come directly from their local warehouse, they never even make it to the store! Overnight Peapod crews pull and pack orders and get them ready for the next day’s shipment where they’re loaded on refrigerators and freezers inside the delivery trucks!

Since your groceries never even go to the store, there was one more perk I hadn’t counted on. Actually, it was something I was concerned about- my produce. 

I can honestly say, that the produce, meat and grains I have received so far have topped anything that I’ve bought in the store myself. Honestly, some of it has beat out the farmers market. The reason is simple, it just spends less time on the shelf and in transit. 

It took me about thirty minutes to check off my list and put everything away, and then I spent the rest of the morning getting a mani/pedi. 
Oh yes I did. 

So that’s that. To date I’ve placed three orders, meaning I have not grocery shopped in a store in six weeks. And each time it has actually gotten better.

So here’s a few things you need to know. 

1) The first time you place your order it will take a while. You’re building a grocery list, aisle by aisle, but once it’s done, you can re-use your lists! This was huge for me, because now all I have to do is click “buy” on my staples. Lets face it, for most of us, our weekly shopping trips look about the same.

2) You can schedule really far in advance, and there are lots of scheduling options for delivery. In some areas you can pick up too. I usually schedule mine for next day, and I’ve never had any issue.

3) The price of groceries is the same as the grocery store. And actually, their store brands are a bit cheaper than I’m used to. Double score. Pick-up is free, and delivery has a $7.95 charge for anything over $100. I personally think that’s a steal, not to mention its FREE for the first 60 days to new customers.

4) Sometimes things are out of stock. Each item has a substitution, and you can control whether they have the authority to sub or not. It’s up to you. Sometimes the sub is out of stock, in which case they remove the charge from your bill.

5) Occasionally something gets left out. I’ve only had this happen once, and it was the very first time. I had four items missing, which leads to me to believe maybe a bag was left off. I called, and not only did they take off the charges, they offered to re-deliver the items, and they credited me back a $7.95 delivery fee (that I didn’t pay to begin with!) because I had to make a run to the store. Now that’s customer service!

6) Your meat gets weighed so your final bill may go up or down, depending on final totals. Think buying meat at the deli. The difference has never been more than pennies for me. 

7) You can choose to tip your driver ahead of time or you can call back and change the tip. You have total control.

8) You can still use coupons! You just gather them up and give them to your driver and it gets credited to your account.

9) You can make changes to your order right up until the night before. They give you a cut off time and even text you a reminder.

10) You no longer have to shop in the rain, snow, 100 degree weather, with kids…..enuf said? 

Final verdict: Two weeks ago I sat at Chick Fil-A while my kids played on the playground and used my tablet to do my grocery order while I ate my salad. I was done with the grocery shopping before I finished my meal. 
I’m hooked.

* all the opinions in this piece are my own. I was in no way compensated by Peapod of Giant, though they should really consider it because I freakin love it so much I tell everyone I meet. But that’s just my opinion. 

Happy Shopping!

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