{Meet the Models-Shannon}

After each photo shoot I always like to share a little bit about each of our models. All of the ladies in these photos are amazing, beautiful, talented women who are making awesome things happen in their own lives everyday! 
Today’s model is kinda special to me because she happens to be my assistant and she worked every bit as hard on this shoot as I did! {Plus she wrangled those balloons at 7:30 in the morning and got them to location!}
I notice that she left out full time student in her occupation, but I’m throwing it in because this girl works HARD and she keeps me on track each week- cutting, prepping and shipping your orders, organizing the studio and trying her best to get the ideas out of my head and down on paper. Her job ain’t easy y’all. 
On a side note, just an hour after this shoot, she and her family were in a major car accident, and rolled several times. Praise God they all crawled out uninjured!!  But I will forever think of that day when I see these photos. God is so good! 
Name: Shannon
Occupation: Stay at home mom and Assistant for Abby Maddy!
Favorite Summer Style:Maxi Dresses
Favorite Beauty Tip: I exfoliate my entire body with lotion everyday to keep it healthy and feeling moist but always keep dry foundation powder on my face at all times to keep it dry and help reduce the risk of blemishes.
Best Mommy Time Saving Tip: I’m an organizer so I tend to plan ahead.  I like to do as much as possible at night once my little one is asleep. I set out his clothes for the next day, prepare his lunch for school or for play dates in the summer, and pack anything necessary for the car the next day. It saves me so much time and stress the next day!  Also I’m a huge list maker! 

Favorite Abby Maddy Item: I love everything! But my favorite items would be the key ring pouch and the cross body bag! 

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