{Thursdays Style-8 (truly) Easy Valentine’s Ideas}

I’m gonna be super honest here and tell you that Valentines is not my favorite holiday. It’s not that I’m anti-love, or gag at the sight of red and pink- actually I pretty much love anything red and pink. It’s just that I’m tired. When February hits, I feel like we’ve just finished the marathon of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and every other holiday that school calendars can squeeze in and require projects for and I’m done. 

Just when I’ve taken down my tree, reclaimed my mantle and de-sugared my kids, some fat man child wearing a diaper and carrying a bow and arrow shows up demanding I get all romantically crafty.
And please, please don’t show me one more craft that is so “easy” with 15 steps and contains a printable. I’m telling you right now if I have to use all my printer ink, cut out 50 pieces of paper with pinking shears and then hot glue something onto a straw with curly ribbon- I’m out. Maybe in September, maybe even in December, but come February I’m just done. 
So today I’m sharing a few of what I consider to be truly “easy” ideas, like laying your bacon on a tray in the shape of a heart- because lets be honest, V-Day falls on a Saturday this year unless you booked a sitter back in August, that romantic dinner ain’t happenin sister. 

One thought on “{Thursdays Style-8 (truly) Easy Valentine’s Ideas}

  1. Dixie says:

    I'm kind of over valentine's day myself. So this year I asked Matt to skip the “compulsory” nice dinner and flowers/candy/card. Instead, I want to do something we can both enjoy that we don't do for date night all the time. Flowers die, I'm trying to lose weight so candy will just make me fat. And a card while sweet just ends up in a pile of cards that I have to decide to save or trash.

    Instead, I've asked to go to the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville on Saturday. We've lived in the Nashville area for almost nine years now and we've never been. Matt loves country music and I love learning new stuff and museums. Win-win.

    Of course I still don't have kids so no craftiness required for me.


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