{Gold Gumball Machine- a DIY}

Back when I started re-doing the studio and I decided to paint this old phone gold, it sparked a bit of a gold obsession. And for a while, nothing was safe. I mean really, is there anything that a good coat of gold spray paint can’t fix?

I wanted to add some cute candy to my space, but I knew that my kids would quickly devour it and I would to. So I started brainstorming containers that I could put out of reach, but would still add a little whimsy to the space. I ran across my old gumball machine and knew instantly it would be perfect!


I started with the usual scrub down and removed all the pieces Years ago, this machine housed our beta fish and I had tossed out the inner workings way back then, so all I had was the globe and base, which was fine. However, I really didn’t want to use the globe for candy (even though no one will ever eat) after it had housed a fish so a quick online search produced a new globe for around $10. Mine came from Candymachines.com


Since it was red metal I grabbed my trusty spray primer and gave the entire thing a good coat to help the gold paint adhere better.



A few coats of gold paint later and some fabulous $5 gumball from my dear Target, I had a cool and trendy addition to the studio!




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