{Currently Crushing On…Jollygood Apparel}

I am super excited to introduce you to one of my favorite brands, Jollygood Apparel! Located in Southern California, JA is a home based clothing line for the whole family, consisting of fun-loving unisex designs!

Jollygood Apparel

Jollygood Apparel

What started as a quest to find cool, well-fitting kids clothes soon blossomed in to a business for owner Jennifer Schaffer. She now draws her inspiration for their original designs from their everyday lives and family traditions.

Jollygood Apparel

Jollygood Apparel

A few weeks ago we got a fantastic little package in the mail with Daddy and Me Camp Life shirts. My four-year-old was over the moon excited, because any excuse to be Just. Like. Daddy. is always welcome.


Also, he was slightly obsessed with these adorable little buttons that were in our package. He gets that from me.

Jollygood Apparel

And naturally, I couldn’t wait to grab my camera and snag a few ton of pics of my handsome men. I may have chosen the hottest part of a one hundred degree day, but they didn’t complain once. And my husband raved about how comfy his shirt was. I’m pretty sure it’s already in the closet.

Jollygood Apparel

Jollygood Apparel

You can find Jollygood Apparel on Instagram and Pinterest.

Click here to shop.

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