{Currently Crushing on…Caroline Randall Made}

Today I want to share with you the cutest shop that makes drinking out of a mason jar that much more adorable…as if that were even possible!

Check out Caroline Randall Made.

caroline randall made

These beautiful mason jar tumblers were embroidered by Caroline Randall in Orlando, Florida.

Not only are these fabric sleeves adorable, but they are also functional! They slip on and off very easily and are lined with fleece so my hands stay dry even if I’m drinking cold water on a hot day!


Each sleeve is embroidered and sewn to be reversible. Which is good because with over 100 fabric options, it’s impossible to decide what I liked best!!


I don’t know about you, but I always need to drink more water and having something cute to carry with me definitely encourages me to stay hydrated.


Caroline Randall Made offers 13 different font options for your monogram as well as ten straw colors to create the perfect and unique gift. These would be adorable gifts for everyone in your family for the holidays!


You can find Caroline Randall Made on Facebook and Instagram.

Ready to Shop?
Click here!

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