I am so excited to introduce you to Nicole and her fantastic shop, Francie & Co!


Nicole comes from a long line of sewers and after making a teepee so her girls had a place to play, began making them for others. Her teepees are glamorous, intricate, and beautiful. Perfect for a little prince or princess to make-believe and play! Nicole is the creative behind Francie & Co. teepee2

These beautiful teepees come with painted sticks, beautiful details, and unique fabrics. They come in 3 sizes. 8ft, 6ft, and 3ft, perfect for bigger ones, littler ones, dolls, and pets!


Making these teepees involves sewing, painting, sanding, staining, and using her husbands’ power tools. All things she loves to do!


Besides teepees, Francie & Co also makes pillows, dreamcatchers, and mats to match each teepee. Can’t you just picture a few little ones using their imagination in this beautiful mermaid teepee?

mermaid teepee

You can find Francie & Co. on Instagram.

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