{Easy No Roll Sugar Cookies}

Easy No Roll Sugar Cookies

Today, I have a super easy no roll sugar cookie recipe for you. I love making cookies for Christmas. But I  don’t have the time or patience to roll out my sugar cookies. I have at least 10 other things to do. I wish I had a cute story to go along with my recipe this time, but I don’t. Honestly, I just did a Google search and found the from McCormick spices. They only thing I did differently was cook them at 350 instead of 400. My cooking time was roughly 10 minutes.

 I would highly suggest refrigerating the dough for at least an hour as the dough spreads out a lot.

ingredients december 2015

Classic sugar cookies remind me of all things Christmas. As you know I’m all about taking a normal recipe and turning it into something special. I choose 4 ingredients to help make these sugar cookies special: chocolate, sprinkles , crushed graham crackers, and stroopwafels (waffles filled with caramel).

Trust me when I say that these sugar cookie dress-ups are really easy.

Ingredients for Sugar Cookies

Go here for the recipe

cookie sheet

nonstick cooking mat

medium cookie scoop

1 container of sprinkles in your choice of color or colors

crushed up graham crackers

1/2 a bag of chocolate chips (you’ll need to melt these)

1 bag of stroopwafels

Note: the amount of sprinkles, chocolate, crushed up graham crackers and stroopwafels depends on how many cookies you are going to make with those toppings.


The first set of instructions are going to apply to all of the cookies except the stroopwafels stuffed cookies. If your making the stroopwafels stuffed cookies ignore the first set of instructions.

You’re pretty much going to follow the instructions for baking the cookies except for these edits I made:

Cook them at 350 instead of 400 for about 10 minutes. Let cool for at least 10 minutes on the cookie sheet.

I suggest refrigerating the dough for at least 1 hour because this dough tends to spread out a lot.

Scoop with a medium cookie scoop for evenly shaped cookies and even cooking time.

For the stroopwafels stuffed cookies:

stroopwafels stuffed cookies instructions

  1. Take one unbaked blob of cookie dough and split it in half.
  2. Roll the two blobs into equal blobs.
  3. Place one blob on one side of the stroopwafels and form it around the stroopwafel with a bit hanging over the edge so can create a seal when you place the other blob on the other side of the stroopwafels. Essentially, you’re making a stroopwafels sandwich with cookie dough. After you have the sandwich make sure you seal the edges.
  4. Place the unbaked stroopwafels stuffed cookies on a cookie sheet and refrigerate for an hour. This step might seem excessive, but because you’ve touched the cookie dough it’s warm and the dough will spread way more then normal.

Bake according to the instructions for the regular sugar cookies, but give them an extra space. Let cookie cool completely.

Instructions for the chocolate dipped sugar cookies tired with sprinkles  or graham cracker crumbs 

choco dipped cookies

  1. Melt chocolate in either the microwave or on the stove. To melt chocolate in the microwave: Place in a bowl and microwave or 30 second intervals and mixing in between intervals. To melt chocolate on the stove top use the double boiler method (you have a pot that holds the water and a bowl the holds the chocolate). For detailed instructions go here.
  2. Dip half the cookie in chocolate and then press either the sprinkles or the crushed graham crackers on the chocolate.
  3. Lay dipped cookies on a lined baking sheet and refrigerate until the chocolate is set (usually 10 to 15 minutes.

And just like that, bam you have yummy sugar cookies that will impress anybody. 🙂

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