{Currently Crushing on Bip & Bop}


I’m so excited to share with you the beautiful shop, Bip and Bop! If you love jewelry, mama-run businesses, and pretty things, you’re going to love Bip and Bop!

Bip and Bop began back in 2011, several months after Nicole’s twin daughters (Isabella and Brooklyn) were born. Brooklyn had special medical needs and required two surgeries within 9 months of being born.


Nicole dreamed about being able to find a way to make an income while working from home, during naps and bedtime, so that she could quit her day job. After doing a lot of research, she taught herself to make the jewelry similar to what is sold today. She enjoyed every minute of it, because it was a creative outlet for her, and a way to distract her from the stresses of having a child with special medical needs.


Slowly but surely, sales grew and she was eventually able to quit her day job a few months later. Eventually, sales grew so much that Nicole had to ask her friend Gretchen to help fulfill orders.


She is very detail oriented and talented, so it was easy to teach her how to hand stamp and make the jewelry. Sales continued to grow organically and Gretchen and Nicole worked so well together. With the holiday season just around the corner, Erin (who is equally talented and detail oriented) joined the team after she had her baby and went on maternity leave.


Be sure to check out Bip and Bop on Facebook, instagram, and their blog!

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