{Currently Crushing On 1108 Boutique}


Rochelle is the brains and mom boss behind 1108 Boutique! But the inspiration behind all of the designs reflects the daily life of a Fancy Momma who loves all things glitter! The business was started back in 2012 after she had my 1st daughter, Valentina. She caused everything to be about pink and sparkles.

1108_Boutique_Mom_Life_Tee_Outfit__94386.1451967622.1280.1280All of the designs are designed Exclusively for 1108 Boutique. The apparel was created so we could show off the proud status we have every day as moms, aunts, or caffeine addicts and still look fashionable without being overly priced.  All items are designed by Rochelle, packaged by Rochelle and sent with love from Rochelle!


You might wonder what 1108 means…  Well, it’s Rochelle’s official anniversary of when her husband (then at the time boyfriend) started dating on November 8, 1993.  She wanted a name that meant something to me, cute right?

Be sure to check out 1108 Boutique and follow the blog, Facebook, and instagram!


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