{Currently Crushing On…Artizenbox}

It’s time for another spotlight on a handmade shop! Amy Kunz is the creator behind Artizebox. Artizenbox was created out of a need to confidently find and purchase high quality handmade products without weeding through the thousands of listings on big name sites only to find out the perfect piece you ordered was really just a fabulous photo and not what you imagined.
This problem turned business idea needed a name! When coming up with a name Amy envisioned a concierge or personal shopper of sorts for all handmade treasures. Because only the highest quality professionals would be invited, Amy came to the word “artisan.”


Amy thought the phonetic spelling ‘Art i zen’ was so sexy and couture that it all seemed to fit. Each artisan has a different skill and medium in their artist’s ‘box’ and so Artizenbox was conceived.


All of their products are made with the finest quality of materials. There is a lot of thought put into each designs; not only do our artisans think about the size of the item they are making for a customer but also the color, feel, texture, shape, functionality and of course trendy style. That being said, most the items you order are custom made with your thoughts and desires in mind. We would love to hear from you about your ideas and visions so that we may turn them into your very own handmade fine art.

Be sure to check out everything Artizenbox has to offer on their Blog, facebook, and instagram!

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