{Currently Crushing on…Tiny Inspirations}

I’m so excited to share with you about Tiny Inspirations! Erica the creator of Tiny Inspirations and you are going to love her! Erica and her husband David have two little boys who really are little inspirations! Starting a business wasn’t easy, as any other working mom would tell you! Erica is actually a Registered Massage Therapist by trade with a specialization in pediatrics and infant massage. She’s been practicing for over 14 years now and truly loves babies!


Erica, like many of us with more than 1 child, found that her children are different! With her first born, teething symptoms were manageable and she never even gave “teething necklaces” a second thought. But by the time her second son was born, they were all the rage and she thought to herself, huh, what a great idea!

Her youngest has crazy teething symptoms, sore gums and an amazing amount of drool 24/7! She really wanted something he couldn’t throw to the floor but also safe so she didn’t have to worry about any toxins and chemicals. I purchased my first silicone teething necklace and I was hooked. Not only did my son grab at them right away and put it straight into his mouth, he also played with them as I fed him, and it kept him from pinching my skin or pulling on my hair! Shortly after, I purchased a second one and thought to myself, oh boy, I’m turning into a teething necklace mongrel! So here I am today, designing and making them for myself and hopefully for other moms out there. I like simplicity and comfortable everyday styles. So what you’ll find in my collections are just that. Simple, yet stylish, classic but modern pieces that can easily be dressed down with a t-shirt and shorts or dressed up with a fancy little black dress! I’ve been lucky enough to have so many amazing people in my life who give me the courage and support when I need it, and I’ve named every necklace in my collections after one of them.

And because I truly love working with babies and children so much, I’ve dedicated a portion of every sale to go towards the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada!cookieteether

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