{Easy Biscoff Cookie Ice Cream}


A few years ago I discovered a magical food called Biscoff Cookie Spread AKA Speculoos Spread AKA Cookie Butter. After declaring my love for this magical spread I discovered that there was a cookie version of my favorite dessert spread.

Last week I was trying to come up with a recipe to share with y’all. I wanted it to be easy and I wanted it to use ingredients that most people would have easy access to. Immediately, I thought of my favorite no churn ice cream recipe. Yes friends, that’s right no churn. What does that mean?, it means you make the ice cream pop it in the freezer and then you’re done. The ice cream base itself is just two ingredients with a splash of vanilla and a pinch of salt. The mix in options are endless and you can virtually create any type of ice cream your heart desires.


2 cups of heavy cream

1 can of sweeten condensed milk

1 teaspoon of vanilla

1 pinch of salt

12-14 Biscoff Cookies (the amount you add depends on how much cookie you want in your ice cream)


Whip your two cups of heavy cream

Fold in the can of sweeten condensed milk, vanilla, and salt

Add in your Biscoff Cookies

Transfer mixture to a freezer safe container and freeze overnight


Do not try whipping the heavy cream and the sweeten condensed milk together in the same bowl. It will not work.

If you’re making this in a stand mixer snap the cookies in half before adding. The mixer will break the cookies into smaller pieces as it mixes.

If you’re mixing the cookies in by hand I suggest breaking the cookies into 4 pieces.

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