{Currently Crushing on…Narra Nest}

When I received the Narra Nest swaddle blanket in the mail, I swooned! This is the most beautiful, soft, and luxurious blanket ever. It’s the perfect size for baby swaddling, but will also be great when baby gets better for snuggling. It’s small enough to fit in a purse or diaper bag. If you follow Abby Maddy on instagram you caught a sneak peek of the bird cage print we received.

I’m excited today to share with you more about Narra Nest today! Here is Danielle’s story!

Danielle always wanted to be a mom. When her partner and she decided it was time to get pregnant she was thrilled. She felt like she was about to step into the life that she was always destined for.


She was so excited to give birth. She hired a doula, and began practicing visualizations, breathing techniques, and other natural pain relief methods. She hoped to be able to avoid an epidural and other interventions. She read up on getting breastfeeding established and the importance of those first minutes and hours.

Then, around thirty weeks or so, her blood pressure started to go up. At first her doctor wasn’t too concerned, but as the weeks went by it continued to climb and climb. She was sent for monitoring more and more frequently. There were overnight stays at the hospital. She began having vision problems. The nurses had her explain to her husband what to do if she had a stroke. Eventually, her doctor told her that things were getting serious and baby would have to come by caesarean section. Due to some preexisting health conditions, the anesthesiologist required me to be put completely out. Needless to say, this was not the birth that she had dreamed about.

She was devastated. She felt (and in many ways, still feels) a deep sense of loss. She felt robbed of the most important moment of her life.

After the difficult birth, she was determined to make breastfeeding work. But after three months of nipple shields, painful latches, slowed weight gain, constantly contradictory advice, and nursing and pumping around the clock she was exhausted, worried, defeated, and ready to throw in the towel.


At the same time, she was happier than she’d ever thought possible. She was consumed with this love – this love that felt like it had lit every cell in her being on fire, while somehow, simultaneously bringing me a deep, sure peace.

Finally, at the absolute end of my rope, she called a local La Leche Leader for advice. Through sobs and sniffles she told her the saga of our breastfeeding journey. She didn’t have any ideas that Danielle hadn’t already tried. But, what she did have was something much more valuable, the one thing that I needed to hear more than anything.


That encouragement was all Danielle actually needed. She didn’t need to change her parenting. She didn’t need to somehow be a different or better mom. That’s why Danielle wants to create a community of mamas to help me pass it on.


Narra Nest is proud to provide mamas with safe, beautiful, ethical goods for their babies. Stylish, modern goods that are kind to the environment and kind to your baby, remarkably practical, and destined to become your daily go tos and diaper bag must haves! 

Narra Nest believes in kindness. They believe in supporting mamas and celebrating motherhood. They believe in leaving our community and earth better for babies.

Check out Danielle on facebook or Instagram!

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